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  Les Réunionnais sont formidables - Thierry Lincou - juillet 2014

Internationaux de squash de la Réunion - Du 7 au 14 juin 2014 - Stade Volnay St Pierre , La Réunion


MIT Names Thierry Lincou as Head Squash Coach

May 2014 - MIT Names Thierry Lincou as Head Squash Coach


Cambridge, MA — Massachusetts Institute of Technology has named Thierry Lincou as its new head squash coach.

Lincou takes over for Nadeem Mazen, who led MIT to a 25-64 record over the past five seasons. MIT concluded the 2013 – 2014 season ranked 31st in the nation.

On Thursday, Julie Soriero, MIT’s Director of Athletics and Department Head of DAPER, announced new coaches for sailing, soccer, and squash. Soriero said that for all three appointees, “their own personal experience as competitors as well as their ability to instruct and coach will immediately influence the success of our programs and impact the experiences of the student-athletes.”

Lincou, a native of France, was a staple in the Professional Squash Association (PSA) for over a decade. He entered the top 10 of the PSA in September 2001 and never looked back. He was ranked number 1 in the world for two months in 2004 and for the entire calendar year of 2005. Lincou amassed a career record of 288 – 115 in PSA play. His 23 PSA tournament victories include the World Open (2004) and the Hong Kong Open (2004). In the United States, Lincou was a finalist in the Tournament of Champions in 2003 and 2005.

Lincou represented his country on numerous occasions, including the European Championships team and individual events. He captured the European Championships Individual title in 2009 and 2010, and was the runner up in 2008 and 2011. In 2009 Lincou was an Ambassador for Squash, making a presentation to the International Olympic Committee for the inclusion of the sport in the Olympic Games.

After retiring from the PSA in October 2012, Lincou played in the Professional Squash Tour (PST). He captured the PST title for the 2013 – 2014 season.

Lincou becomes the 10th squash coach in the history of MIT. Since beginning competition in 1929, the Engineers have amassed a 350 – 764 record. The program’s first coach, Jack Summers (coached from 1933 – 1956), and second coach, Edward Crocker (coached from 1957 – 1983), are members of the Men’s College Squash Association Hall of Fame.

Lincou joins several other former PSA players currently coaching in the collegiate ranks, including Hansi Wiens (Dartmouth), Gavin Jones (Franklin & Marshall), Martin Heath (Rochester), and John White (Drexel).

Congratulations to MIT and Lincou.

  Pro Squash Tour 2014 - Detroit - USA
30 avril - 4 mai

Thierry Lincou

2014 PST World Champion

beat David Palmer

11-5, 11-5, 3-11, 14-12

May 4, 2014 - Thierry Lincou beat David Palmer in four games to win the 2014 Professional Squash Tour World Championship on Sunday afternoon in front of a capacity crowd at the Detroit Athletic Club in Detroit, Michigan.

  Palmer & Lincou for PST Championship    
  May 3, 2014 - PST's reigning champion David Palmer will face his long time nemesis Thierry Lincou in Sunday afternoon's championship match.

The match will be broadcast live on from the Detroit Athletic Club. This is PST's third year hosting its season finale at the DAC.

"We love the club, the members and the setting," says PST's Joe McManus. "And Sunday's final will be the greatest we've had to date. It's a dream final."

"It's impossible to tell how many more times these two will meet in a tournament championship. Sunday's match could be an historic moment."

Palmer started slowly in his semi-final with Northern Ireland's John Roberts, who impressed the champion with impressive shot making. Roberts jumped to a lightning fast 5-1 lead on the strength of some impressive shooting.

Palmer, however, was quickly able to right the ship and win 10 of the next 11 points and take game one 11-6. Game two was all Palmer as he cruised to a 11-1 victory.

Roberts didn't fade though and the young Irishman lost a close 11-9 final game.

Thierry Lincou also won in three games, but his path was much more intense. His opponent Robbie Temple was worthy advisary as he battled France's legend every step. Game one went to extra points, and Temple had the first game ball at 10-9. Lincou eventually prevailed 14-12.

Games two and three featured both players criss crossing the court with extended rallies that delighted the gallery. Lincou prevailed in both winning 11-9 and 11-8.

Tomorrow's championship match will start at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and will be broadcast live on
  Lincou Triple Fake, just for fun !    

Tri-State Open
LiveTechnology Park
Tuxedo Park, NY

27 Avril 2014, Finals :

Thierry LINCOU / David PALMER
Thierry Lincou Wins Tri-State Open
Game scores : 8-11, 11-4, 11-6, 11-9

David Palmer, Wayne Reuvers, Thierry Lincou

April 27, 2014- Thierry Lincou won the Tri-State Open on Sunday afternoon in front of a capacity crowd at LiveTechnology.

Game scores in his 42 minute match with David Palmer were 8-11, 11-4,11-6, 11-9.

The two icons spent considerable time over the past several days running clinics for juniors and adults, playing doubles and exhibition matches, and discussing the game with local fans.

Neither man has dropped a game en route to the finals.

Phil Wlkins interviewing Thierry Lincou

Randall & Quilter Legends of Squash 2014 - 08/12 April - Bermuda
Sat 12 April, FINALS DAY :

Final: David Palmer bt Thierry Lincou
(8-11, 11-5, 7-11, 11-7, 1-0)

In the main event of the night, the format was to be played best out of 5 games, but with the caveat that if the match went to a fifth and deciding game, the two would only play one point to decidethe title. Both Palmer and Lincou came to win, but only one would hoist the trophy to become THE legend of all legends.

Lincou took the first point with a tight drive. Palmer answered with an unreachable forehand cross. Both known for their fitness, this was natural selection at its finest. It quickly became apparent that though both had shown up to win, neither had lost their sense of humor in the process. This match would prove a joy to watch for the packed audience of squash enthusiasts. Lincou took the first 11-8.

The second game opened with a rally that set the tone of the game, and left the audience in awe, if not breathless on behalf of the players involved. Endurance was the name of the game with both players only becoming more precise in their movement and placement on court. A memorable moment came when Lincou asked for a let, calling interference on his own foot/shoe. The referee called“no let”to which Palmer exclaimed: "Good, a ref of less experience might have fallen for that!" Palmer took the second, 11-5.

‎The third game showcased both players’ strengths, ability and again, humor. Both battled to outdo the other, dropping shot after shot into the nick. At one point, Palmer left to change his racket, and a young audience member lent a hand to warm up his new racket. The additional rest didn’t prove enough however, with Palmer losing the game 11-7.

The fourth game had Palmer in the lead early on, but Lincou was quick on his feet and worked hard to push Palmer to his limits. In the end, it was Lincou who placed the final ball into the tin, and Palmer tied up the match, 2-2.

‎In the end, the match culminated in sudden death, one rally takes it all, fashion. Expecting a long, attritional rally, Lincou surprised everyone by going for it in the first three shots and hitting a ridiculously tight length that forced Palmerto hit a loose shot down the middle, affording Lincou the opportunity to take the win by stroke. He immediately threw up his hands in victory… but no!

The ref called“let ball” giving Palmer a reprieve (to the audience’s great delight!) Palmer quickly took advantage of his good fortune, looking to end the match with a nick that rolled out, but Lincou calleda dubious let.Although it was a clear winner and very little interference was there, the referee -in an unprecedented move - called for the point to be replayed.

Palmer re-enacted the previous point driving home the ball, and his point, to finish it all with a beautiful smash directly into the nick! Palmer defeated Lincou 1-0 to take the 2014 Bermuda Legends Title.

11 April, Day THREE :

Thierry Lincou
Simon Parke

(11-5, 11-7)

Day three of the Bermuda Legends as the eight stars played the final roundof pool matches to decide who makes Grand Final ...

From the beginning Lincou came out strong and while Parke fought hard, it was Lincou who controlled the first game. The second game started on more even footing, with both players at one point tied at 3-3.

Then the rallies began to lengthen, with both men showing incredible endurance, speed and fancy footwork while digging out ball after ball.

Parke was in the end outplayed in the second game, though he kept his signature good humor alive throughout the match and well into his post-game interview when he was quick to warn Lincou to “wait until you’re 41”.


10 April, Day TWO :

Thierry Lincou
Lee Beachill

12-10, 11-8

In the first match of the night, two very experienced players took to the courts in a well-contested match. Both were hitting the ball crisply and with great pace. Each game went back and forth, but it always seemed as if Thierry had the edge and necessary fitness (on these hot courts!) to push through and win in a close two games.


9 April, Day ONE :

Opening Night with the Legends

Thierry Lincou bt Peter Nicol (10-12, 11-5, 11-8)

Easily the match of the night, these two players gave the crowd a real treat with their incredible shot-making and retrieving skills. Peter and Thierry were diving, leaping, yelping, faking shots, smashing balls into the nick, and at the end of each rally… gasping for much-needed air !

The two craned their heads towards the two small fans on the ceiling of the court, and breathed in as if trying to get air through a straw! Yes, with 89% humidity and over 100 people packed into the non-airconditioned gallery, their lungs were being tested to the max! Nicol scraped through the first game after a few uncharacteristic errors by the Frenchmen, but we all got the sense that the latter had a lot more in the tank than the former.

And indeed, in the second, Thierry kicked into another gear while Peter held on for dear life. In an amicable and highly entertaining match, the Frenchmen took the third looking the physically stronger of the two. Peter had this to say to Thierry: “Just wait another 5 years and then see how you feel !”.

  LEGEND OF SQUASH - Aberdeen 202    

Aberdeen Squash & Racquetball Club - Scotland
21 Mars au 23 Mars 2014

Peter Nicol, Lee Beachill, Jonathon Power, Thierry Lincou, David Palmer, John White

Friday 12pm :
2-1 Nicol
Power 2-0 Beachill
Palmer 2-0 White
Friday 6pm :
Nicol 0-2 Palmer
Beachill 1-2 White
Lincou 2-1 Power
Results after the first session day :




Saturday 12pm :
2-0 Power
Beachill 0-2
Nicol 2-1 White

Saturday 6pm :
Lincou 2-0 White
Palmer 2-1 Beachill
Nicol 2-0 Power
Results after the second session day :
Results after the third session day :

Sunday 12pm :

Lincou 2-1 Palmer
11/9, 9/11, 11/8
Lincou is the 2014 ASRC Legends CHAMPION

Nicol 0-2 Beachill

White 0-2 Power

Final standings. 6th: Beachill, then White, Power, Nicol, Palmer, and our Champion, THIERRY LINCOU




Cleveland Classic 2013 - Pro Squash Tour - 20 oct. 2013 - Cleveland Skating Club, USA

  October 20, 2013 - Final

David Palmer came back from two games down to beat Thierry Lincou in the finals of 2013 Cleveland Classic.

Game scores were 8-11, 7-11, 11-6, 13-11, 11-3.

This marked PST's fourth year at the Cleveland Skating Club.


Bobcat Classic Pro Squash Tour - 28 septembre 2013 - Lewiston, USA


Championnat du Monde par équipe
WSF Men's World Teams 2013
9 au 15 juin - Mulhouse, France






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